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WAHALA BE LIKE BICYCLE! ! ! Gov. Uzodinma Finally Reacts To Buhari’s Visit To Imo State, Makes Shocking Statement About IPOB


Governor of Imo state has made his intentions known to the good people of Imo state after President Buhari visited the state. On Thursday, September 9, 2020, President Buhari visited Imo state but despite his presence in the state, many shops were closed and some residents refused to come out to cheer him up. This took place after IPOB directed residents to maintain sit- at- home order during President Buhari’ s visit.

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After President Buhari visited Imo state, Hope Uzodinma released a statement while speaking to Channels TV correspondence. In his word, he stated that Imo residents were happy to receive president Buhari as millions of the residents came out to cheer the president and make him feel at home. Uzodinma stated that IPOB sits- at- home order is only on social media as residents came out in high numbers to join President Buhari as he commission some of the projects in the state.


Meanwhile, Sahara Reporters and other news platforms posted many photos confirming that residents maintained sit- at- home order. Photos shared on social media confirm the report of Sahara Reporters and many other news platforms that reported the Imo state event but despite the report of these news platforms, Imo Governor, Hope Uzodinma stated that residents of Imo state did not comply with IPOB order in any way.


Part of his statement read ” Thousands of Imo state residents came out to welcome President Buhari as he commissions some of the projects completed by my administration. The sit- at- home order given by IPOB was not obeyed by anyone. The order only exists on social media but many Imo residents came to welcome resident Buhari and his aides to the state. The state government did not issue any order to anyone and the people were happy because of that. ”

” Despite the order given by IPOB, Imo residents still came out because the order was not given by the state government. Imo people will forever remain happy that the president of Nigeria came to their state to rejoice with them. There was no form of violence, protest, or danger during the visit, the people were happy when they saw the president. “

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