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WAHALA DEY O! ! ! See What Bandits Are Doing In Zamfara After Government Shut Down Network


Despite the recent blockade and claims of victory by the Nigerian military, Zamfara locals told BBC Hausa on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, that bandits continue to wreak havoc on them.

Terrorists assaulted eight villages in the state’ s Shinkafi Local Government Area in the last several days, killing numerous people and kidnapping more than 400 others, according to a traditional ruler in the area.


He claims that bandits assault communities with impunity since there are just 20 military and 18 to 20 police officers for the entire local government region, which includes over 300 towns and villages.

The traditional ruler acknowledged that the governor of the state is now doing his best, but security services are still missing in action.


There are several major reasons, in my opinion, why banditry persists in the North West despite the government’ recent blockade. They are as follows:

  1. Security personnel shortage in rural areas: As I stated at the outset, shutting down schools, markets, and telecommunications is pointless unless security agencies step up their efforts in the affected areas. The majority of the murders and kidnappings take place in rural areas where there are few or no security officers.

I understand that the security agencies are overworked during this time due to a variety of operations taking place across the country. However, to combat bandits in rural regions, the government should hire local hunters and vigilantes.


Soldiers, police, and other security officers may be stationed in multiple locations at once, and they are unfamiliar with the landscape. Vigilantes, on the other hand, are locals who are well aware with the surroundings.


  1. Another reason for the persistence of banditry in Zamfara is that some locals collaborate with them. Some of the locals are helping them with information and logistics so that they can carry on with their heinous purpose.

To remove instability in Zamfara State, the government and security forces must devise a new plan.


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