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WAHALLA!!! Former Senator Threatened To Sue Femi Fani-Kayode’s Ex-Wife Over Allegations Of Intimidation, Harassment


Grace Bent, a former Nigerian senator, vowed to sue Precious Chikwendu, the estranged wife of Femi Fani-Kayode, a former aviation minister, for slander.

Ms Chikwendu, who has been fighting for custody of her children with Mr Fani-Kayode since their divorce in August 2020, accused Ms Bent of threatening her life.

Mrs Bent is also accused of ‘‘running errands” for her ex-husband to deny her custody of her children.

Ms Chikwendu, an ex-beauty queen, went public on social media after the ex-senator angrily threatened to use the police and the SSS to deal with her.

”Given the antecedents of her collaborator-in-chief, there is no iota of doubt that they are indeed attempting to use law enforcement agents to accomplish their dastardly and nefarious agenda against me!” she said. Mrs Bent, a close friend and longtime political associate of Mr Fani-Kayode, has debunked the allegations, describing them as “very weighty” and containing “assassination tendencies.”

Former Senator Grace Bent Debunks FFK Ex-Wife Claims


According to a statement issued by her spokesperson, Timothy Williams, the ex-lawmaker immediately reported the incident to police for inquiry.

Mrs Bent said Ms Chikwendu’s accusations that she and Mr Fani-Kayode want to “abusively activate the machinery of enforcement authorities” against her “false.”

“As a civil and law-abiding citizen of Nigeria, the esteemed senator promptly reported the issue to the police, and the inquiry is ongoing,” according to the statement.


According to the documents, a quick complaint to the competent enforcement agency was required since the publication claimed that the renowned senator was pursuing Precious Chikwendu’s life.

‘‘This is a serious charge of assassination intentions and inclinations. The newspaper further claimed that Senator Grace Bent was “attempting to corrupt the course of justice by pressuring Ms Precious Chikwendu to drop her child custody suit.”

The former senator further stated that she has talked with her attorneys and would not hesitate to seek restitution in law and equity for what she refers to as “the wrongs” meted out to her.

Mrs Bent, whose daughter, Jackie B, is a housemate on the current BBNaija reality show, has also stated that she will not hesitate to seek proper reparation for the wrongs done to her in both law and equity.

‘‘Friends and relatives are encouraged to maintain peace and avoid indecent comments, which may interfere with the ongoing inquiry and other civil proceedings that may be launched at the right time,” she stated.

Police Investigates Fani-Kayode’s Estranged Wife


Meanwhile, the police have opened an inquiry against Ms Chikwendu for an alleged harmful post on social media attributed to her against Mrs Bent.

Ms Chikwendu provided a copy of the police invitation, dated August 2, 2021, and signed by Dayo Ariyo, a deputy commissioner of police on behalf of the Inspector General of Police.

According to the letter, the former beauty queen would be interrogated at the Force Headquarters in Abuja by Funmilayo Eguaoje, a deputy superintendent of police.

The mother-of-four accused her ex-husband and Mrs Bent of using the police as a “display of power” in the post.

“Do these two believe they can frighten me by using the police that is supposed to protect all of us? Jokers. If it weren’t for my children, Mr Fani-Kayode and Grace Bent, you would tell me what this display of power is all about,” she wrote.

“If you had any shame, you’d sit down with my lawyers and clear things out. It’s a shame we ended up on this bridge.”

The Custody Battle


Precious Chikwendu, the estranged wife of former minister Femi Fani-Kayode, told the Abuja Court of Appeal that her ex-husband lacked the financial means to support their four children.

Chikwendu said that their oldest kid had dropped out of school and that their triplets had yet to begin.

Following their split in August 2020, the former beauty queen and Fani-Kayode have been embroiled in a child-custody fight, according to TheNigeriaLawyer.

The plaintiff, who is seeking a monthly payment of N3.5 million for the care of their four kids, said in her complaint filed in an Abuja High Court that Fani-Kayode “beat her up on many occasions, even when she was pregnant.”

Fani-Kayode had asked Judge Sylvanus Orji of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court in Abuja, through his lawyer Adeola Adedipe, to either dismiss the complaint or set aside Chikwendu’s previous claimed delivery of the proceedings on him.

However, the court denied Fani-motion Kayode’s and assumed jurisdiction to hear the case, a decision that the ex-minister challenged before the Court of Appeal in Abuja.

Justice Orji further directed that Fani-Kayode be served with a new hearing notice, as well as the original motion.

Dissatisfied with the judgement, Fani-Kayode filed a notice of appeal on March 25, 2021, stating that the court failed to provide him with a fair hearing.

Chikwendu claimed in her application at the Court of Appeal’s registry that the former aviation minister had abused their four boys since their divorce.


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