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“You Want To Go And Destroy Other People’s Business Because You Have Beef With IPOB” – Aisha Yesufu

With #OccupyLekkiTollGate trending on various social media platforms especially Twitter, some people have linked it with IPOB and now it’s trending on Twitter.

Aisha Yesufu responded on her Twitter account to the Indigenous people of Biafra concerning the #OccupyLekkiTollGate that’s trending.

This sparkled reactions on Twitter, with some against her and others for her while a few were indifferent about it.

@AishaYesufu on Twitter stated “You want to go and destroy other people’s business because you have beef with IPOB. What have the people at computer village got to do with your perceived notion that IPOB is after Lagos? Are they IPOB? Even if they are, did they do you anything? Even if they did, are you the law?”

@AishaYesufu on Twitter stated “You see this nonsense where everyone thinks they can take the law into their hands will backfire on us all.”

@Alexljaduwa on Twitter stated “The hate for each other is crazy and that’s what’s been hold us both back and down.”

@odubayo822 on Twitter stated “This also means no one should take law into their hands by blocking the road all in the name of protest…

If they have issue with the reopening of the LTG, go to court!”

@kwinslii on Twitter stated “Citizens have the right to protest. E go hard sha.”

@suleimanable on Twitter stated “Suddenly, all of them don get low battery abi na insufficient data. They will come back next week to say Aisha Yesufu doesn’t care about them.”

@BrenoOluwafemi on Twitter stated “When ever it comes to complains about bad governance in Lagos, there is always these group of paid agents of the state who wants to change the narratives to that of ethnicity… Remember #EndSARS protest? And now #OccupyLekkiTollGate.”

@adeyemoffn on Twitter stated “Still don’t know why the three major tribes hate each other.”

@ikingdeetweet on Twitter stated “They are different people, with different beliefs, ideology, etc.

Worst, the government made it glaring that a tribe is more important than the other.”

@chyne on Twitter stated “This what they do, they keep playing us against each other because they know that once we are able to put aside tribal sentiments and come together, we will push back and get the Nigeria of our dreams.”

@Ejioforlsife on Twitter stated “It is unfortunate that pretense has permeated deep into the fabrics of his contraption call Nigeria; a unity in disunity. What statistics or empirical data identified the tribes and locations of those who occupied and those intending occupy to Lekki Toll Gate.”

@iCare_Duke on Twitter stated “This will be an eye opener to all southern/eastern fellows to know that charity begins at home. There’s no place like home.

That IPOB idea no bad sha..”


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