If You Want To Live Long, Please Stop Making The Mistake Of Cooking Rice Without Doing These Things

Rice is a global most produced grains, consumed by billions of people per day, it may be white rice and stew or jollof rice. Since 2000, world production of rice has rised by nearly 25%. In 2016, the global production of rice was approximately 756 million tonnes.

Because rice is so versatile, it has traditionally been added to many different cuisines. There are thousands of rice varieties grown worldwide. Two of the most commonly eaten types are Asian rice and African rice.

Some popular Asian rice varieties are jasmine rice, basmati rice, tinawon rice, and black rice. Asian rice varieties differ in color and grain length, and many have strong and fragrant flavor profiles.

On the other hand, most African rice varieties are dark in color, ranging from red to brown to purple. Though African rice typically matures quickly than Asian rice, it’s much more difficult to mill. Therefore, it’s not grown or consumed as commonly as it was in the past.

Consumimg rice makes you to suffer ailments and diseases which could destroy your life but these diseases can be prevented if you take some certain processes while preparing your rice. In the cause of this article, you will be shown few steps to follow while cooking rice that could help save a person’s life from destruction. These steps include;

  1. Wash your rice very well

Ensure you properly wash your rice before cooking. This remove the gems, arsenic, excess starch and lots of bacteria that can trigger your disease risk.

  1. Boil rice briefly so that it is partly cooked 

After you are done washing your rice, parboil the rice so that more of the arsenic acid and starch still in them would be removed.

  1. Filter the water after briefly boiling your rice

Filtering out the water after parboiling your rice, put fresh water in the pot to begin cooking proper so that it have taste.

  1. Add vegetables to it before consumimg

Excessive intake of rice is not devoid of alot of dangers as it might lead to some health issues, to prevent health conditions some healthy vegetables should be added to your rice.

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Kindly put into practise this tips so that your health will be protected.


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