If You Want Your Man To Love You More Than You Love Him, Stop Doing These Things

The way you present yourself before a man matters a lot. Our people use to say “if you keep yourself like a rat, a cat will come after you.” In other words, the way you portrays yourself determines how you will be addressed and treated.

If you want your man to take you important, you need to make him miss you. How will you do that? I’ll show you in this article.

To make your man miss you, you need to give him some distance, especially when you are not yet married. Stop going to his house everyday no matter how much you miss him. Let him look for you. He should be the one asking you to come over that he has missed you a lot.

Stop being around him often. Disappoint him sometimes. You should not be always available, even if you are jobless. Sometimes when he request that you guys should go on a date, don’t say no sometimes. But maybe on that day, tell him you can’t make it anymore. He won’t die. You just want to make him hunger for you.

Truly I tell you, men tend to lose interest in women when they are always around them. Give him some distance, make make him miss you, make him understand that you love him but don’t be always available. But be careful not to overdo it, you may lose an impatient good man doing so.

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