If You Want Him To Miss You Like Crazy, Do These 5 Things

We humans have one strange things about us, which is the fact that sometimes we love things that seems to be difficult to get rather than the ones easily available to us. Take for example, money and famous celebrities we crush on.

We chase money because money is not easily available to us, thereby making us to work really hard for it. We crush on celebrities because we don’t see them everyday and we would do anything just to get the opportunity to even see them! This is human nature, and sometimes we just need to accept it.

Using this psychological thing to our advantage, we can make our relationship more adventurous and fun if apply some principles that will increase our attraction.

In this article, we will talk about how as a woman, you can make your man miss you very much if you do these five things.

How to make your man miss you like crazy.

  1. Leave memories he will never forget.

The number one rule of making someone miss you so bad is that you have to create something to be missed about. People usually miss the pleasant memories they share with a person not the actual person, so you need to create this feeling that will make him hug his pillows whenever he’s lonely and thinking about you.

You must understand that it is not only the duty of the man to make a relationship interesting but your own contribution in spicing things up matters too.

What do you want him to miss about you? The naughty pillow fight, your naughty laugh, your amazing cooking… You can make the list continuous but the idea is, create something to be missed about.

  1. Stop texting him too often.

In as much as communication is very key in relationships, too much of it at the early stage can be harmful as well. You don’t want to be hiding behind your phone screen texting him all day while he work, as it will make you seem desperate and jobless which will definitely not make him miss you. Men love what they chase and when you make him work hard for your attention, she will not only respect you but miss you dearly.

This trick doesn’t mean you have to start deliberately avoiding his messages, but the point is that you need to create some gap in between receiving his texts and responding.

  1. Be unpredictable.

It is true that men love obedient women but not the ones they can control easily like a machine. You don’t have to be around on demand if your aim is to create some value to yourself and get him to miss you and this is when being unpredictable comes in. Do things for him when he least expected it and make it seem that you have something else important to do with your life rather than hanging around him all the time.

  1. Spend quality time with him when around.

When it comes to having a great relationship, you need to understand that you’re to spend ”quality time” with your partner and NOT “quantity time”. The reason for this is simple; You might spend a whole day with a guy and at the end he would only be glad you’re gone! On the other hand, you can spend a few hours and he would wish you stay with him forever. You see the difference? I think you might want to go for quality time because that is what will make him miss you like crazy. Whatever you do to create a memorable time is up to you!

  1. Don’t always give in to his requests.

Just like I pointed out earlier in the article, you’re not to be controlled but rather be obedient. Guys know when a woman is trying too hard to impress them and they can easily manipulate such intentions and later dump you for another woman who might not necessarily care as much as you do. This might sound unfair but it is a psychological thing. People get tired or don’t value things that is easily gotten and will continue to chase things.

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Use this psychological trick to your advantage and make him show that he really wants your attention.


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