If You Want To Stay Healthy, Stop Touching These 6 Parts Of Your Body With Your Hands

Your daily habit has a vast impact on your body health. The part of the body known as the hand is used in touching different surfaces that may be free from germs or may carry germs. When it happens that the surface you touched contain germs, and you use the same hand to touch some of your body parts, you end up infecting yourself. Using coronavirus as an example, this virus can easily spread fast through touching surfaces that have been contaminated. Once a corvid-19 patient touches a surface and another man free from the virus touches that same surface, the disease is already carried. And if he eventually touches his mouth, nose, eyes with those hands he then gets infected.

However, there are certain parts of your body which highly requires attention but certainly not with your hands. The only condition that permits you to touch some of the parts of your body is when your hands are thoroughly washed with water, soap or sanitizer, these will give you the assurance that your hands are free from germs. This is why corvid-19 protocols requires regular hand washing as it is a way of getting rid of coronavirus.

Here are 6 parts of your body you should not touch with your hands:

  1. Your ears

Sticking fingers into your ears all in the name of scratching them is appalling. Professor John K Niparko has revealed that using things different to clean your ears can tear the thin skin that lines your ear canal. Always meet an otolaryngologist when you feel itching in your ears.

  1. Your face

Using your hands to touch a contaminated surface and then using it to touch your face is unhealthy as it makes you suffer pimples, eczema. You can only use clean hands to wash your face and apply cream or make-up.

  1. Your mouth

Using hands to touch your mouth is of great risk. Your fingers may carry dirts in them, which when used to touch the mouth can introduce bacteria to your it.

  1. Your eyes

Your eyes are delicate organ of the body used for sight. Using your hands to touch your eyes makes you to introduce bacteria or germs to your eyes. These germs can cause pinkeye. Always use handkerchief to clean your eyes and also visit your doctor when you notice any symptoms of eye problem

  1. Your nose

Removing mucus from your nose with the aid of your hands is unhygienic, instead a clean handkerchief should be used. Your hands might carry germs which could be injurious to your health.

  1. Your butt

Your hand can be used to wash your anus after emptying your bowels of faeces after which you will thoroughly wash your hand. Apart from anus washing, picking your butt is unhealthy as your anus may contain bacteria that could harmful.

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Follow this health advise vehemently for you to stay healthy.


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