Want To Be A Real Gentleman With Ladies? Try Out These Tips


Being a gentleman is more than just opening a car door for a woman or always looking sharp in a suit and tie. What exactly does it mean to be a gentleman in this modern age and what really goes into being a man?

We might not have a precise answer, however, this article will give you a few tips on what it means to be a gentleman. All your need to do is practice it very often;

  1. Be a good listener


  1. Be a loyal friend and always keep your word

  2. Be the type of man who is reliable and on time, above all, be trustworthy

  3. Keep phones away during a conversation or dinner time

  4. Be proud of how you look and always appear sharp

  5. Learn to open the cab door for someone, even if it’s a male

  6. Be the first to call or message to check your friend got home safely


  1. Make time for what’s important to you

  2. Don’t blame others for your failures and try not to be hard on yourself

  3. Give more than you receive in the bedroom, it’s much better when both of you are having fun

  4. Keep quiet about your salary, you don’t want people knowing you’re taking less or more than others.

  5. Be nice to yourself, no one is perfect

  6. Compliment her on more than just her physical appearance

  7. Pull out her chair


  1. Is she feeling cold? Offer her your coat

  2. Regardless of the motive, always walk a lady to a car taxi or door

  3. Treat her to dinner out every so often

  4. Encourage her to pursue her goals

  5. Carry her heavy bags

  6. Have eyes for her and her alone

  7. Always hold the door open the door for someone

  8. There is a lot to learn, never stop learning and don’t be a know-it-all


  1. Set your standards and values high

  2. Come on, you should have a sense of humour

  3. Be genuine and humble, be gracious to all

There are a lot of tips to give, however, feel free to search for more tips and you are likely to stay on top of the chart for most women.


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