If You Want a Woman’s Heart to Melt For You, Do the Following

Many people are very good at getting the woman they want but very few can make a woman’s heart melt. To make a woman’s heart melt does not require you to do supernatural things but rather simple things that matter most. Are you a good listener? Do you know your woman very well? In this article I will guide you with the ways you can make a woman’s heart melt for you so that you will ever remain special to her.

Always say things that make women melt

As a woman, there are things a guy would say to me and I will feel special. To be sincere with you there is no special formula for this and it has to be real. For example she may tell you she cooked plantain porridge, if you would care to have some. You may reply like this “sure, no one cooks that better”. It will definitely make her day.

Pay her sincere complements always


If you make it a habit of complementing her for every simple thing, it may tire her out but when you complement her on sincere unique features or achievement, it will forever be in her mind. If she is trying out a new thing like say a new sports, you may tell her that when she wanted to start this you thought it was going to be a disaster, but she proved you wrong and that the improvement was remarkable.

Try helping her out with house work

We all know how our society today assign gender roles in our homes. But for a change, take the initiative to make things equal. Let’s say you don’t know how to cook. You can try looking up recipe on a particular food your woman likes online and cook it for her. It doesn’t matter how good you did the cooking. What matters most is that she thinks you are really trying to make her happy. You not only learn how to cook her favorite dish but also made her day.

Try the use of nicknames and special names always

Women love this. It is even much romantic when you use your own special words or pet names that no one else is calling her. You can decide to coin this special name from the names of you two. Isn’t that romantic?

Confide in her when you are down and be her guardian angel when she is sad

This is self explanatory. Even though you are in a romantic relationship, when you tell her fears, she will feel you are comfortable around her and you are giving her every part of you without leaving anything behind. Again when you are there for her in times of her troubles, you are her friend as well as her lover and she will be willing to tell you even her deepest secrets.

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