I Wanted To Surprise My Husband By Fueling His Tank, But What I Saw At The Tank Cover May Ruin Us

I wanted to surprise my husband by filling his tank with fuel, but what I saw on the tank top could ruin my marriage.

Bella Williams, a lady, took to Twitter to share how she discovered something that could end her marriage in the tank of her husband’s car and she asked for help on what to do.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, feeling very excited in the morning, I decided to surprise my husband by filling his car, the generator and also give him some gifts just for the sake of my mood, and what I saw afterwards made me sad and sad. worried. at the same time.

My husband was sleeping when I sneaked into his room, picked up his car key and drove to the closed gas station under the bridge in the Mile 12 area of ​​Lagos, on getting there I told the attendant to fill out the tank, she tried to open the tank lid but it seemed stuck so it caught my eye.

I got out of the car and walked in the direction where the tank was and tried to open it too, but my nails were fixed so I stopped and called another male attendant who was nearby to help us.

He arrived, used his masculine strength, and the tank top finally snapped open, but my attention focused on a light red nylon strategically hung in a slightly open space in the tank top.

I went over to see what it was and to my surprise, it was CONDOMS. I was enraged, the male assistant also noticed the condoms and was looking at me curiously, smiling.

Feeling embarrassed and uneasy, I told the attendant to stop, paid him for the value he had put in the tank, got in the car, and bolted out. while in the car, my head was filled with all kinds of thoughts.

The most dominant thought was “So OLa is cheating on me”! I couldn’t imagine my husband, Ola, cheating, because he was too affectionate and barely walked away from me and the children.

Our life is a triangle, is it work, home or church, anything but that, so maybe we went on a field trip. So I couldn’t understand how he could cheat, coupled with the fact that I have access to their phones and social media accounts.

So how could he not know that Ola was cheating?

But, as you drive in circles, the thought arises that there must have been confusion somewhere. I decided not to make a big fuss when I got home.

By the time I got home, Ola had already gotten up, prepared a light breakfast for the children and prepared them for school. Seeing this made me doubt even more, that Ola couldn’t have fooled me.

But what were those condoms doing there?

I tried to hide my worried face, hugged him, went to the shower, took a bath, got dressed for work and the whole family left the house to start the day.

I decided not to ask about the condoms, at least that morning. The day passed and this morning I went to check the tank cap, the 3 condoms had been reduced to one.

Then I convinced myself that my Wave was cleverly deceiving me. I love my husband, but I’m afraid that if I face him, he will lie to me and that is going to change a lot and can ruin us, I mean our relationship.

I am confused, what should I do?


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