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WAR IN IMO: Ihedioha to storm Okorocha’s Estate with Citizens for Recovery

This was the next plan of Ihedioha as revealed by the leader of recovery of government stolen properties, Jasper Ndubuaku, in continuation of recovery exercise, to Vanguard

The reason given by Ndubuaku, was that since the police refused to follow him and that the police were there when he was attacked earlier.

According to the information obtained by Vangaurd, Ihedioha and Okorocha’s camps are also preparing for the final game any time from now as the recovery operation lasts.

It was said that they have positioned themselves waiting for each other at any slightest provocation.

On the plan to storm Okorocha’s residence by Ndubuaku’s recovery team, he said: “We have four speed boat donated by NDDC, he took them to his house he doesn’t want to bring them. We use them for crossing at Oguta. In Owerri today, if you have a death street lights you can’t change them because the only vehicle that has that capacity has been there since Achike Udenwa, Okorocha, took it and he has not released it.

“We have more than sixty vehicles packed in his house and these are the vehicles for government functionaries. All the protocol vehicles are still in his house, all the bullet proof cars are still in his house.

He recalled how he was allegedly attacked, “I came to Okorocha’s house to submit a court order and they say I came with thugs and some men he kept in his house jumped up and attacked me just like that. I was alone.”

The genesis of the skirmishes could be traced to the time the recovery team in one of it’s operation in a shop said to be owned by Okorocha’s wife, Nkechi, located along Aba road, at that incident, Okorocha’s daughter was allegedly slapped by one of the members of the recovery team.

Days after, the leader of the recovery team, Ndubuaku, was attacked by suspected supporters of Okorocha, when he (Ndubuaku) went to submit a court order to Okorocha’s Spibat home.


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