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WARNING! ! ! SEE The Things That May Happen In South- East If Residents Continue To Support Proscribed Groups


A proscribed group can be explained as one that has been prohibited or forbidden by the law. A group is usually proscribed after the government has considered the activities, aims and affiliations of the said group and how it could impact society.

Some examples of proscribed groups in Nigeria are Boko Haram, ISWAP, and IPOB.

The recent activities of proscribed groups in the South East and the Northern part of the country have continued to raise concerns among residents and leaders of the affected regions.


The groups have allegedly sponsored armed men against security officers and innocent civilians. Some Nigerians have reportedly continued to express sympathy and praises for some proscribed groups.


Below are some things that may happen in the South East if residents continue to support proscribed groups.

Increased terrorist activities may occur. Recently, there have been reports of unknown armed men attacking innocent civilians and security officers in the South East in their bid to enforce a sit at home order that originated from a proscribed group.

Terrorism can be explained as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, notably against civilians, by groups pursuing some aims. Some groups have been banned for the safety and protection of Nigerians. Law- abiding Nigerians in the South- East should, therefore, not praise proscribed groups.


Doing so would encourage them to carry out more terrorist attacks on civilians in the South East. A proscribed group is already on the undesirable side of the law.

Increased membership. Expressing support for proscribed groups in the South- East would only make such groups attractive, and more youths may choose to join. Instead, there should be a unified effort to condemn the activities and membership of such groups. Praising unknown armed men, and hailing them as witnessed in the South East, creates a false image of heroism. More people may join such groups due to the wrong perception of heroism given to the group and their leaders.


More arrests by security agencies. Nigeria’ s security agencies are one of the best, especially in the area of intelligence gathering. If Nigerians continue to praise forbidden groups in the South East, their members will eventually increase their activities, and they will experience the wrath of security agencies in Nigeria. Already, the army has announced its new military formation, aimed at tackling the security challenges in the South East.

Nigerians should act responsibly by discouraging the existence of proscribed groups and encourage law- abiding means of agitation.



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