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WARNING: If You Use Any Of These Banks, Please Do These 5 Things To Secure Your Money




Keeping money in bank has over the years been a safer method of saving money, it has also been the best way of keeping money intact and safe from unnecessary spending. However, many fraudsters and thieves have taken undue advantage of this fact to steal people’s money, thereby making money kept in banks no longer safe and secure. As hard as the economy is these days, there’s nothing that’s more painful than losing your money, no matter how small, therefore it’s important that you guard your money by every possible means.

Your money is not safe in virtually any Nigerian bank, whether; Access, UBA, GTB, First Bank, or any other, because as long as you haven’t done these 5 things below, then fraudsters and thieves would easily have access to your money. Read on to find out the 5 things you must and should do to protect, secure and guard your money effectively.

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1) Your mobile banking app shouldn’t be easily accessed: Many of us bank users these days, have mobile banking apps which makes it easy for us to easily make transactions. However, many of us don’t take note of the fact that these mobile banking apps needs to be hidden from other people, it shouldn’t be easily accessed. This is because if a thief takes hold of your phone and comes across this app, he could cart away with your money even if he doesn’t know the password to the app, as he would have to click “forgotten password”. Our banking apps should be hidden, good enough many Android phones of these days have a feature where you can hide your apps. This is very important.

2) Don’t make any transaction(s) on any unpopular or unknown sites: Fraudsters these days create apps and sites where they pretend to sell online goods, but actually steal people’s money. When you input your card/bank details as you want to make the transaction, they’d gain access to your account and do whatever they wish and want to do. Whatever you can’t buy on Jumia, jiji, and other popular sites, please don’t buy elsewhere.

3) Protect your ATM cards at all cost: It might interest you to know that fraudsters have now devised a means of gaining access to ones account, just by having a look at one’s ATM card. I don’t know how they do this, but it’s real. Stop the habit of carrying your ATM card wherever you go, because it might fall off and you lose it to these fraudsters. Mind the people you give your card to, protect it at all cost, just to avoid losing your money.

4) Don’t listen to people who ask you for your card details: Many fraudsters have learnt a new way of calling bank users and telling them that they are their Bank manager or bank customer care, and then start asking for card details to correct some what I don’t know. The worst thing you’d do is to listen to them, disregard such calls, don’t even attempt to hear him/her out as his/her well planned words might deceived you.

5) Share this article: Yeah, this is the last thing you should do. Share this article so that it would get to as many people as possible, so that more money would be saved. You could save a brother or a sister from losing his or her money just by you sharing this article so that they too can get informed.

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