WATCH Black Chilly Tiktok Viral Video Leaks
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WATCH Black Chilly Tiktok Viral Video Leaks

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WATCH Black Chilly Tiktok Viral Video Leaks

This is the third time a *** tape is going viral in this space of 2 weeks.

One of Nigeria’s fast growing stars on TikTok App, Black Chilly have gone viral after dozens of her videos were leaked on social media.

One of the explicit video showed how she was intentionally caressing her br**st and bringing out her tongue.

Another Video showed where she was riding a sx toy (Vibrator). She also filmed herself while she was msturbating with a *** toy.

The explicit video has gone viral and so many people reacted that she shouldn’t have put all this act on record in the first place.

The video has gone viral and she took to her page to cry that the swore tmwity her Womb that she has no idea how the videos were leaked.

She further lamented the activities of these people who she said were making the videos more viral everyday.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what happened. These people are making this video viral everyday, I don’t know what happened, I swear with my womb, I don’t know what happened,” Black Chilly said of the n*de videos, she said.

However, while some were sympathetic to her, many who watched and heard her contrite video were dismissive of her claim wondering why she made and stored the provocative videos in the first place.

To watch the viral video of Black Chilly tiktok that has been trending online on release, you might want to join Our Telegram Channel to watch it there, as we can’t post such sensitive content here.

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18 days ago

Fuvkk shitt😂😂😂😂but to be honest this isn’t a s**x video leaked 🔥🤷🤷 like she legit does this things and she should be proud of it 🙄. ATImes peeps just misuse words anyhow Ike the time of the chrisland school s**xtape the mother said it was rape, 🤔 till we found out it was actually the kady raping the guy

Now it’s chully turn she say na leaked video, like babe you were d one who Legit sent it to your clients 🤷🤔what was she thinking B4 that her clients will just delete it laidatt 🤔 no nahh

14 days ago


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