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WATCH: Fake Pastor Seduces Women In Front Of His Church Members


Most churches today are built on demonic Powers. Before such churches are established, the pastors go for charms in those various priests who abuse their powers and use them wrongly. Churches of this kind have become common in our societies.

These pastors go in for charms and evil powers, then use them on the church members so they will not be able to identify the wrong in their actions and wouldn’ t be able to tell if he is fake or not. Once these spells are being casted on you, you will believe and do whatever these pastors tell you.


So do not be surprised if you see members in churches where fake miracles are performed, because they are blinded spiritually.

What is the content of today’ s story? Let’ s dig into it;

A video Of Pastor Holding A’ ss And Feeling The Groans of Women During Prayer

Video of Pastor holding a’ ss and pressing the breasts of his female church members during church service went viral across the internet, and has engaged a lot of people talking about it. Since the advent of democracy, South Africa has been flooded with skeptical and controversial pastors and prophets. A video of a pastor stroking a girl’ s breast is currently circulating on social media.


The congregation was applauded by the pastor for his actions, which are believed to be liberating. Amen, Amen, Amen, that’ s what the church was shouting.

Many on Twitter believe it to be an edited video, but nonetheless, it is very accurate and disturbing what is happening. They said that it made them ashamed to associate with Christianity.

Some say that if a person associates such things with Christianity, then it shows where your faith and understanding stand. It happens, it has to happen, we all know that they have to make fun of God at this time, and that is how they separate themselves


Most churches are under pressure to perform miracles and to do so. Surprisingly, it is always women who need to be prayed for in church. Many South African women love these churches.

It is obvious to know that these men of God are shameless and fearless of their acts. I can not really tell the spirit controlling or directing them into such uniquities. Some of these women who fall victims may be married, and if the husbands get to know about the harassment, it could lead to the breakdown of marriages.



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