Watch Room 306; Audio Of Lady Begging For Mercy As An Energetic ‘Bull’ Chews Her Hits Online

An unidentified man has been branded a bull after an audio of a lady he was feasting on speaking in tongues during marathon in hotel room 306 took over social media by storm.

The starved dude, who might have been going through a serious dry spell, dismantled the pot like the famous Mollis of ‘I Sullender Fame’’, almost breaking the b3d.


The hard m0an that were coming out of room 306 prove that the dude was on a serious mission of representing Team Zion fraternity… Lol 😂

His b£dr00m skills seem to be on another level and the bae he was ‘servicing’ will never forget that hot moment.

If all men mastered the skill like this dude, then women will never complain of being starved.


Listen to an audio of what transpired during the hot marathon in room 306: SORRY GUYS, WE CAN’T UPLOAD THE VIDEO HERE, KINDLY JOIN OUR TELEGRAM GROUP TO WATCH THE VIDEO NOW

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