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Watch: The Two Women Who Swapped Husband’s After Cheating On Each Other


During the times that we are in, many weird things have been going on in both the lives of normal single people and married people. There was a case of a woman who found out that her husband had been cheating on her so she decided to swap her husband with his lovers husband. In this article we will be looking at what fully happened.


A case of two Kenyan ladies living in Busia country have left many stunned after reports that they traded spouses in a bid to discover satisfaction surfaced in the media. The two ladies distinguished as 28 year old Lilian Weta, a mother of three and 29 year old Millicent Auma, a mother of two ended up becoming internet based sensations after it arose the two had exchanged spouses.


It is assembled that Auma was living with her significant other Christopher Bwire in Siroba town, Matayos voting public before she left the wild marriage and moved in with one Kevin Barasa, a wedded man with three kids.

Barasa at the time had been living respectively as a wedded couple with Weta for over 10 years in Namwitsula, Butula supporters yet were encountering consistent fights.

Weta let Standard Digital know that her better half returned home one day with Auma, telling her he had another spouse. She said ” At times last month my significant other returned home with a lady in the evening and let me know she was his cousin. He requested that I cook for herself and plan where she would rest. ”


Upon cross examination, the alleged guest who was wearing Barasa’ s coat compromised her with a blade and strikingly educated her that the house currently had a place with her and she should leave.

She said ” They came in at around 1am with my significant other and she (Auma) let me know that evening she was authoritatively the spouse. ”

At the point when Weta defied her better half, he advised her to go search for Auma’ s significant other and wed him. Weta thought about their steady squabbles and chose she had enough as she called the mental fortitude and left for Matayos looking for Bwire.


Weta chose to go for Bwire, Millicent’ s man and persuaded him to wed her, which he unusually consented to. Weta told Bwire that Auma had moved in with her better half and they advised her to search for him (Bwire). Bwire requested that she go get her youngsters and accompanied them to Matayos.

As indicated by Bwire who addressed individuals from the press at his home, Millicent left him and evaporated uniquely for him to learn she had been hitched somewhere else. Bwire affirmed that they were remaining together as man and spouse after his previous wife left him suddenly and completely.


When reached, Barasa expressed that he is at this point not inspired by Weta on the grounds that he is cheerful in his new marriage. He communicated fulfillment with the new however weird turn of events, saying he is more than glad in his new association.

She further said ” I won’ t ever attempt to follow her since she was a weight to me and I never adored her. On the off chance that she has acknowledged to remain with Bwire, so be it” .


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