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WATCH VIDEO: We will Continue to attack Nigerians Until They Leave Our Country – South Africans

Based on the South African Xenophobic attacks, South African Men Insist They Will Keep Killings Nigerians And Other Foreigners In Their Country Until They Leave.

With unemployment and poverty levels high in South Africa, the immigrants are accused of taking jobs that should go to South Africans.

A journalist interrogated some south Africans that carried out the attacks on foreigners most especially Nigerians; The Journalist said that it’s going to take a lot to change their mind to that foreigners in South Africa.

During the brief interview, the south African men said that Nigerians sells things very cheap, they do jobs for cheap price, they accept small money, when they travel to their country its a big money but for them its too small so they are not gaining Jobs anymore because of the salary they are looking for.

In his statement, He added that they attack Foreigners with Machete and Knives because they are very very angry and they can’t accept that.

The Journalist asked Him another question, saying “what make you think its right to attack people with Machete?” and he responded stating that If they don’t attack them Now that the Foreigners will attack them Later, they will use machete and Guns to attack them.

They also Blame the foreigners for the High Crime rate in their country.



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