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WATER DEATHS: Please If You Don’t Know How To Swim

  1. Never go to the river or swimming pool alone.

  2. Don’t be ashamed to tell people around you in a river or swimming pool that you can’t swim.

  3. Never swim in a river or swimming pool if there is no one that can rescue you in case of emergency. Remember, your friend that does not know how to swim can’t rescue you if you are drowning.

  4. If you wants to learn how to swim, seeks the attention of those that knows how to swim.

  5. Never jump or dive into a river or swimming pool without advise or knowledge of the river or swimming pool.

  6. Don’t assume you can swim a distance if you are not sure of your strength.

  7. If you go to swim in a river or swimming pool and there is nobody around, simply wait for someone to come around and also tell the person that you don’t know how to swim.

  8. Never under rate any water body, don’t be carried away by sight, sometimes you can glarely see the ground of the water but it’s actually a death might be very very deep like river ethiope.

This two young men died recently in River, some deaths are avoidable.., it’s very clear that it’s ignorance that caused their death. Please those of you schooling in a riverine guarded.. river is a death trap for anyone who does not know how to swim.



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