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Ways To Attract Greatness In Your Career

The greatest thing that can kill a man’s greatness faster, is when you are too satisfied with where you are in your career. The fact you are a P. H. D holder, does not make you an intelligent person, don’t feel you know it all.

The best thing that can happen to any man, is your hunger for greatness. The bible says in the book of Romans 10:17, So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Knowing that God exist is not enough, you need to hear more of his word to trust him, it is your trust towards God that brings faith. Same thing implies to your career, if you feel you are a P. H. D holder and you know everything, you are wrong My Dear.

Have you not seeing great men listen, when someone who is not up to their standard teaching on something?, do you know why they listen?. They listen because there is a God given talent in every human being, and we make use of it in diverse ways. Great men don’t see their selves as if they know it all.

There was a day, I was listening to a great man of God preaching, he said something that caught my attention, he said, when ever he is watching his teaching videos, he is not watching to praise himself, but rather, to see his mistakes, so that he will improve in that area next time. This is someone who mentors millions of people, and millions of people are watching his teachings online. Now the question is, who are you mentoring?. I guess nobody yet. But you feel you know it all.

Don’t remain where you are because of pride, be eager to learn, be eager to grow. Don’t envy anybody that knows what you don’t know, instead learn from them. If you ask some people, why do you hate your neighbor so much, they will tell you he/she is too pompous, but that’s not true. The truth is, you envy the person’s intelligence. The best thing to do, is to learn from the person and not the other way round

Learn in any way you can learn, be eager to attract greatness in your career, don’t be contended with where you are in your career, learn to build yourself

Have you ever imagine, the people you call mentor, where did they start from?. They were eager to learn and that is why you are attracted to them, they learn from people who knows better than them

A great man, is a man who is eager to grow. Greatness is for the hungry people, be hungry to grow and by so doing, you are attracting greatness in your career.



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