Ways To Know If Someone Is Recording You On A Phone Call

Making phone calls is still the same reason most people buy mobile phones. Phone calls have now become important in everyones life may, it in business or communicating with loved ones.

Use of text messages have also been embraced by most people but if there is an urgent thing voice calls are the best because using a text there might be a delay from the other end. In some countries recording someone in a voice call and when you have not asked for their permission is illegal.

While most countries it’s not yet legal there are some ways you can know if you are being recorded. For some people it is used to serve as some evidence to use against them or even to blackmail them for illegal activities.


There will be frequent beeping tone during the call. For some phones it may be difficult to notice if they are being recorded or not. The beeping is usually at a low tone and someone may not know until they pay that more attention. If tone may also result because of maybe the environment the one calling you is at so, it may be unsure. Listen carefully to hear the sound.

The other thing is when you hear a single loud beep at the beginning of the call. It is usually rare when you are recorded by the other person and the loud beep is usually after the recording feature has been activated. It may not be the case in some cases for someone may have pressed any key while talking to you.

It may be a hard thing to do to know if someone is recording your conversation but the true thing to be sure is to ask them if they are recording you. If you suspect you are been recorded because of the signs ask them to confirm.

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