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We warn Fulani Herdsmen to Leave FUTO Premises within 24 hours – South East Youths

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The Coalition of South East youth Leaders has warned Fulani herdsmen to Leave the Federal University of Technology(FUTO) premises, Owerri, Imo state within 24hrs.

In a Statement made available to odince blog through its general President, Chief Goodluck Ibezim, It said; “We condemn in strong terms the incursion of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) by Fulani herders who has taken over the school environment as its new settlement for grazing and habitation with their goats and cattles.

We warn them to leave the University environment within 24 hours or risk been arrested and prosecuted. The South East Governors forum has before now banned movement of cattle by foot. What are they still doing there. They owners of those cattles should move them out of the University premises now.

A University environment is a serene premises for reading and other educational activities. It is never a place for cattle grazing or a settlement for pastoralists. It is an aberration to hear that a University academic environment has been taken over by Fulani herdsmen and their cattles.

The must worrisome aspect of the entire scenario , is that students mainly the female ones finds it very difficult to move around the school premises for fear of been attacked or raped by herdsmen . The large number of the these cattles frightens the students and make it very difficult for them to go out to read at night. The now live in fear in an environment they are meant to be free to pursue their academics. Evening reading and preparatory classes is now a bygone issue in the school, thanks to the pastoralists.

When we complain of students not being serious or committed to their studies, the present situation in FUTO is exactly what can led to it. It better the security agencies solve this problem now before things get out of hand.

The incursion of the herders into the school environment clearly depicts that the school premises is not properly fenced . Pastoralists and other Intruders can access the school premises unhindered. It is dangerous for an institution of that magnitude not to be properly fenced for the security of lecturers, the students and school properties and valuables.

We call on the Federal Ministry of Education to make it a priority to ensure that FUTO is properly fenced . Education is very important to the growth and development of the nation. Protection and security of students and their lecturers is very paramount .

One cannot study or learn effectively in an environment were you are scared of attack by herdsmen and their cattles. It detards the academic performance of the students who are scared of been attacked or possible rape by the pastoralists. The remembrance of their presence in the school premises makes the heart of the students jump into their stomach.

It is proper to make hairs while the is shine. The immediate evacuation of the pastoralists from the FUTO environment now is very important for the security of life’s and properties in the university community.

His Excellency , Governor Emeka Ihedioha who is the Chief Security Officer of the state should urgently make arrangements with security agencies to evacuate the herdsmen from the school environment to avoid any future clash with the students.

Prevention the say is better than cure. The time to prevent future clash or break down of law and order is now.

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