“Welcome To The Big 40” – Says Jim Iyke As He Shows Off His Beautiful Sister

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Birthdays are one of the most special and memorable days in ones life. It is basically the day we remember our entrance into mother earth after spending a period of nine months in our mother’s womb.

On countless occasions, we have seen celebrities post pictures of their loved ones to celebrate them and today is not different from such days. Surprisingly, one of the persons that posted her beautiful sister today to celebrate her is no other person but Jim Iyke.

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According to him, “Your life has just began and God gat you in all spheres for life, welcome to the big 40, now the fun really begins’.

I am pretty sure that Jim Iyke would definitely spoil her today to make her clocking 40 worthwhile.

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Birthday is also a period of reflection in which we sit back and ask ourselves different questions on how we have fared in life, it would enable us prepare for the future.

To you the celebrant, may the almighty God bless all your endeavours and keep you alive to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Happy birthday!!!

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In your brothers words, welcome to the big 40. Checkout the pictures Jim Iyke posted on his instagram page.


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