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We Went To Spend Our December Holiday In Shags But Every Night We Were Disturbed By A Night Runner

Growing up I heard lots of stories about night runners which did not pose as a threat to people. I never for once believed that they existed because I never for once experienced being disturbed by them. However my beliefs changed after we experienced it one day we went to the village.

In the month of December, my dad decided that our whole family would go and stay a little bit in the village. Our whole family was so happy tha we will find a chance to get together with a few of our relatives. Our grandmother was so happy to see all of us ,she even prepared us special food just to welcome us.

After eating, drinking and laughing as we all told our old stories, we all decided to retire to bed and have a good night sleep ready to get our days the following morning. However our peaceful night sleep was cut short after we heard sounds outside the house. The unknown was trying to play with the door locks on the outside. We woke up and my the time my two brothers went out to look for the stranger, he was already gone.

They came back assuring us that there was nothing out there, so everybody went back to sleep but five minutes later, he came back and this time not only did he toucu the door’s lock, he was at the roof top jumping up and down of our house. We were unable to sleep that night. The guy outsmarted my dad and brothers everytime they tried to catch him. We were forced to stay up all night.

The following morning, my grandmother tried to enquire from some of her friends in the village if they were also disturbed by the night runner but none of them heard him the previous night. Infact we were the only people he was disturbing in the whole village. For weeks this did not stop it kept on happening and made my father try to cancel our stay in shags.

One day my mother suggested that we should visit a traditional doctor to help catch him, in the past, my father was always against that but that day, he agreed quickly. So the three of them asked a few of their friends for any recommendation of the best doctors in town and most of them recommended Doctor Mugwenu. So the following morning my mother and grandmother went to see him at his workshop.

They were given few herbs and was instructed to ensure that they smear the herb at our doorstep. The herb was like some trap to help catch the night runner and so they came home that evening and smeared it at our doorstep. That night we all slept peacefully but woke up to find a half naked man stuck at our front door. He apologized for causing us a lot of trouble but my dad was to pissed to forgive him. He was arrested by the police and the rest of our holiday was back to normal.

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