West Bengal: Viral Image of ‘Humanoid Animal’ Spotted In Purulia Jungle Creates Panic

Panic spread in the area adjacent to Ayodhya hills of Purulia when people learnt about the ‘humanoid animal’ living in the forest. The picture of the animal has gone viral on social media. The forest department, however, claimed that no such animal exists. The picture that is circulating on social media is fake. The matter is being investigated by the police and cybercrime department.

Jhalda is a remote block adjacent to the Ayodhya Hills in Purulia. The small villages are surrounded by a forest.
The locals have to travel to the forest regularly to graze their cattle. Their livelihood largely depends on the forest.
A few days ago, a couple from the local village of Jagor were returning from the jungle with their cows. On the way back, the couple was attacked by a hyena. However, the couple somehow survived the hyena’s attack and returned home.

As soon as this incident took place, someone posted in social media that a ‘humanoid animal’ was found in the Jaargo village of Purulia. It didn’t take long for the image to go viral on social media. Everyone was curious to know more about this animal.

Purulia’s DFO Ramprasad Badana said that the imaginary animal was painted by a European artist. The painting has been uploaded on social media. Earlier, pictures of such animals went viral in Orissa and Telangana.

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