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“Western Nations Are Backing Up IPOB”- Buhari Regime Cries Out As Petition Against Nnamdi Kanu Gets Rejected

President Muhammadu Buhari regime has accused some Western nations of supporting the activities of IPOB and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, to destabilise Nigeria, says a federal official.

A top federal official, who made the disclosure, said the govt petitioned the countries on the terrorist activities of Mr Kanu and IPOB almost two months ago but was surprised when several Western diplomats issued a press release over the weekend regarding Mr Buhari regime’ s Twitter ban.


The source said the statement completely ignored the violence incited by Kanu, a priority the president’ s deleted tweet sought to confront.

The official said the knowledge regarding the extent of violence Kanu had been inciting and directly engaged with ” are details that a lot of of the Abuja- based diplomats have already become conscious of supported official communication from the Nigerian government. ”

According to the source, details of the government’ s communication to some diplomatic missions from Western nations are starting to emerge, including a transparent designation of the group as terrorists.


Also within the communication may be a formal request that the international community should treat IPOB and its leaders as criminals and terrorists within the manner of other known terrorist organisations round the world.

The source added that the federal therein communication had explained to the Western countries’ embassies that ” the Nigerian National Assembly, like nearly every parliament within the world, already passed a law to counter- terrorism and violent extremism within the country.

” The implication of the provisions of Nigeria’ s Terrorism Prevention Act on the difficulty at hand is that IPOB is an outlawed organisation. ”

The government official added, ” Whoever fraternises or supports the organisation is undermining Nigeria’ s criminal legislations while also poses a threat to its national security and sovereignty.

” It must be stated that there are several groups in Nigeria who advocate the restructuring of the country or maybe involve secession, yet they perform their activities unhindered in thus far because it is within the confines of the law.

” It is vital to worry that IPOB was declared a terrorist organisation supported proven acts of terrorism. ”

Giving an update on the amount of attacks, the source stated that ” in roughly under four months (from January to April) this year, IPOB has administered over 55 violent acts in various parts of Nigeria killing many people and destroying many properties. “

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