WHAT IS HAPPENING? See How Armed Herdsmen Attacked Benue, Kill Monarch’s Son, Kidnap Daughter


Daily Post reported that suspected armed herdsmen have been on the loose in some sections of Benue State’ s Ado Local Government Area, particularly in the Ikpomilokpo community in Ogege ward, where the attackers recently attacked a palace.

How The Armed Herdsmen Attacked Traditional Ruler’ s Palace And Killed His Son

According to the DAILY POST, the palace of the community’ s clan chief, Chief Micheal Oche, was invaded on Monday by suspected Fulani herdsmen who killed his son, Thompson Oche, and kidnapped one of his daughters.

Adah John, a resident of the hamlet who spoke to our correspondent from the community yesterday, said the entire village is still in a state of shock as a result of the palace attack.

Adah further stated that the markets and farms have been closed since the event on Monday. There have been a sense of dread across the village since no one knows when these herdsmen may return to assault us.

See The Ransom The Kidnappers Demanded For the Abducted Victim

Furthermore, Adah said, ” we are no longer able to sleep at night because that is when they generally assault us. Our vigilantes are doing their best, but I doubt the military personnel have the kind of weapons that these herders do. ”

The kidnapped victim was released by the perpetrators after a ransom of one million naira (N1, 000, 000, 00) was paid, according to Ado Local Government Chairman Chief James Oche, who told DAILY POST on Saturday.

” Of course, there is still friction, ” the council boss remarked when asked if there is still tension in the neighborhood. People will be afraid to leave their houses if something like this happens, as you know.

How Some Unidentified Gunmen Have Targeted Other Parts Of Benue For Attacks

DAILY POST reported that the residents are afraid of another attack, so they avoid going to the property. Herdsmen and armed bandits have started attacking us recently. There is a lot of investigation going on with the security services in the local government right now, and I am hopeful that they will come up with a very positive result at the end of the day.

Also, a witness narrated that the kidnappers demanded a hundred million naira at first, but after considerable haggling, they agreed to one million. In another news, some unidentified gunmen have targeted various communities in Benue’ s Gwer West LGA.

The attack is alleged to have happened in the early hours of Monday, but the actual number of people killed or injured has yet to be confirmed. On Monday, Benue police spokesperson Catherine Anene acknowledged the incident, but said the command had not yet received all of the data.

How 11 Soldiers Have Been Killed In OtherAttacks In The State

According to NAN, the gunmen attacked Mbamondu and Vengav in the Avihijume council ward in Udam, as well as Tse Amgbem in the Aondona area. This comes as a result of an uptick in the number of attacks on communities around the country.

Bandits, insurgents, and gunmen have recently infiltrated security facilities, schools, and residences, resulting in kidnappings and murders across states. Residents in Benue have also been targeted, with some people murdered and others injured.

In addition, 11 soldiers were slain in one of the most recent incidences of violence in Benue, when they were attacked while on a regular patrol in the state’ s Konshisha LGA. Days later, suspected herders attacked an internally displaced persons camp in the state’ s Abagena hamlet, killing seven people.

How The Benue State Government Is Handling The Situation

Meanwhile, the Benue state governor Samuel Ortom had called on the federal government to declare a state of emergency as a result of the escalating insecurity in his state. An attack on the Agan community in Makurdi LGA, Benue state, is said to have murdered nine persons.

Benue police spokesman Catherine Anene confirmed the attack. According to NAN, gunmen entered the hamlet on Friday, according to Terkimbi Shom, a local who observed the attack.

He said it was the second time in the last three weeks that the village had been targeted by unknown gunmen. Also, in Jos, Plateau State Capital, unknown gunmen assassinated Senior Special Assistant on Security to Benue Governor, Samuel Ortom, AIG Christopher Dega (Rtd).

How The Benue State Government Official Was Murdered By Assiliants

According to The Nation, Dega was wounded in the chest numerous times by assailants on Tuesday. AIG Dega served in the Nigerian Police Force and was twice appointed Commissioner of Police in the states of Borno and Edo.

He was from Benue state’ s Katsina Ala Local Government Area. Ortom shouted out in March that he narrowly avoided an assassination attempt while fleeing attackers who attacked him on his property.

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