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What Men Really Want! Some Pure Bullsh!t


So, after a night out watching these guys behave differently when drunk, I went ahead and brought up this topic the day after next. Before all this, my friend and I were talking about how no matter the current position you are playing in your relationship, the man you’re with has a before, whom you can’t compare to in any way. He probably has a future girlfriend after you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

In this current modern day and time, love seems to be out of the question for most of us. This is because of everything we have witnessed and are still witnessing. People out here claiming to be in relationships but finding the slightest opportunity to cheat on their partner. We’ve all seen this. Especially those men that keep posting their girlfriends the whole time. These are the epitome of trash. Anyway, this is not the topic of discussion today. I could go on about it for days so let me not start.

So what do men really want though?

As much as they say us women are the confused ones, they are more confused than the most confused thing in the universe, but I think that’s men so it don’t matter.

So, after the club, I asked the guys we were with what men really want and this is what they had to say.


Peace of mind

They could not have stressed any further about this topic. Apparently all they want is just peace of mind. Lol. WTF does that mean seriously? Anyway, so they don’t want to be nagged and asked questions cos that makes them feel de-masculated. One of the guys, ( he blacked out in the car and was the h0e of the night for the short time I observed him) insisted that men should not be asked of their whereabouts. (him speaking like this and he lied to his current shawty that he was at his friends and he was actually out here throwing shots at me. Men!! Anyway , I found him cute at first but then I saw him talking to every girl at the club like that. Queens, never ignore the red flags because they will always show you their true colors.

Personal space

So one of the guys (the sponsor) had a situation with his previous shawty (he was heavily hitting on my friend and was throwing subliminals like, ‘if I had a girlfriend i would take her out to places like this’ (wherever we were was so porsche and fancy I wouldn’t mind being his GF if he meant what he said). So when we got to his place, this guy had like full makeup that belonged to his shawty. So he went on ahead and said that he gave his shawty everything he needed, whatever she asked for she got. But apparently the shawty wanted more. And they don’t like that. They want to be able to go back to their place and relax without being asked questions about their whereabouts. Financial stability

So, guys want financial stability so that they ‘can provide for us.’ Apparently. That’s how it is according to them. Imagine, I don’t have anything to say about this.


There’s things guys like doing on a daily basis. They have no trouble including her. But if they don’t want you to participate in that activity, you should let them do it without you trying to butt in.

Want to eat no just the kitty

The guys like a lady who can cook. I mean, it’s not just from times when this was part of our obligation but apparently, if you can cook, you stand a better chance of keeping your man happy, but you know what, from experience, i would recommend not cooking for anyone who has not wifed you yet. Please, do not cook for a random n!gga. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

Depressed but don’t like talking

Mental health. So apparently (i’m goin to use the word apparently a lot of times cos this is what they allege. What’s so wrong about guys opening up about their feelings ? Personally I would really appreciate it if they spoke their truth, but they are the ones who are always lying. Take my example for this situation.

So the guy wo was heavily hitting on my friend had already settled with another girl befire we arrived. So when we walked in it was like fresh bairt. Men are also emotional beings. We are reminded. Despite me hearing them bickering about how they are all about the street life, these guys insist on how us girls are the problem. As is any other man’s thoughts.


Men get lonely

Honestly I don’t know what to say about this because us shawties are always thete for our mans. It’s that jump and how high typa situation. So how are these guys getting lonely when all they do is look for girls/ i kid you not, this is all they are talking about right now and the disrespect is madddd.

Women think they understand men but they do not

So, lol I’m very annoyed by this statement but I feel like what’s wrong with these guys. They’re talking a lot of sh!t. Apparently, they don’t like it when we behave like we know what is happening. The problem is that we don’t beehve like we want them to, and its literal facs

There’s always hoes and the main squeeze

Self sabotage – too good to be true

They do not trust any girl that claims to love them truly. Lol so how are we supposed to act though . So their reason for cheating is that nobody can stay for a long period of time. romance dies and they need to seek out something else for the sake of their happiness.


Women shoulnt get comfy

Don’t like being controlled- friends hanging out

Someone they can laugh with

Want to be understood

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