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What no one tells you about sleeping with your Ex-Partner

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Cases of people sleeping with their ex are no longer something new in the community.

A good number of people have crossed the line of forgetting the main reason that made them break up with their ex by sleeping with them again.

However, there is a lot that those who have done it never share with other people.

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Here are some of those things that no one tells you about sleeping with your ex;

1. You’ll feel like you’ve lowered your self-esteem

For those who have ended up sleeping with their ex-partner, at the end of it, they usually feel like they have been used. The thought of being used end up lowering their self-esteem.

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2. You will regret later

Most of the people tend to regret later as to why they slept with their ex, most especially if the ex-partner has not changed their bad behaviour at all.

3. You will freshen up the feelings

Another thing that happens out of sleeping with an ex is opening up the feelings that you had towards the ex. This is very dangerous as if it happens, it will be hard for an individual to move on seeking a new partner. Also, it would be very dangerous if the ex-partner is not willing to get back with you.

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