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What Yousef Should Have In Mind Before Getting Fully Involved With Angel

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Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Yousef, is considered as one of the well-reserved guys of the shine ya eye edition. Unlike some other male housemates, it took Yousef a while before he started getting intimate with ladies in the housemate.

Earlier in the show, he once indicated an interest in Saskay. But the affair did not work due to Saskay’s involvement with Cross and Jay Paul. Currently, it seems like Yousef and Angel have arrived at a common ground as the duo has been captured severally sharing a kiss and bed; but I think Yousef needs to be smart when relating with Angel to avoid doing something he might regret.

During their hangout on Friday night, Angel told Yousef to give her some of his abeg naira if he wants to be her main man in the house. Yousef accepted to give Angel 500 abeg naira and promised to give her an additional 1000 the next week. Angel noted that if he doesn’t give her some abeg naira, she is not going to regard him as her lover.

1) Judging by the condition Angel gave to him, it was obvious that she is not interested in Yousef but in his abeg naira; Yousef should have this in mind.

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Any lady that truly likes a man cannot give him monetary conditions before accepting to establish a relationship with him. For instance, Nini never asked Saga to give her some abeg naira before becoming her man. Jackie B did not ask Michael to give her anything before establishing a relationship with him. That is because the connection was mutual.

Yousef should realize that Angel is looking for how to get some money to enable her purchase immunity; she is not interested in him even though they might have shared a kiss and bed. He should not be deceived by the kisses and hugs given to him by Angel. He also needs immunity likewise Angel.

I am not saying that it is a bad idea to share some money with a friend, but Yousef needs to understand that they are in the house to win the grand prize. The Big Brother show is a game and everyone needs to be smart enough to get to the top.

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2) Yousef also needs to have in mind that Angel is a jovial person. She does not like getting stuck with one male housemate. She might decide to kiss or hug anyone regardless of Yousef’s presence. Recall, that was what created a rift between her and Sammie. Sammie wanted Angel to himself but that did not sit well with her. Yousef should have this in mind to avoid getting involved in something that might affect his mental health, just like what happened to KayVee.

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