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What’s Up With Kendiri Airport That You Want To Build A Salt warehouse? All pages– The Ministry of Transportation revealed that currently the airport construction in Kediri Regency (Kediri Airport), East Java, is still in the finalization of document preparation in the project under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme.

Director of Airport of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub), Nafhan Syahroni, said that his party also continues to oversee the plan to build an airport in Kediri Regency.

“Currently, the construction has entered the finalization stage of preparing the PPP project documents which are planned to be initiated by PT Gudang Garam. Based on information, Gudang Garam has currently made efforts to provide 370 hectares of land for stage one airport land,” he said as quoted by Antara.Among, Friday (21/8/2020).

His party deliberately came to Kediri Regency in public consultation activities for airport development. The Ministry of Transportation also has a role and duties to knit regional connectivity, specifically through the air transportation sector.

For this reason, the Ministry of Transportation through the Directorate General of Civil Aviation also continues to accelerate the availability of infrastructure without relying on the state budget.

“One option is the PPP scheme as a financing instrument, as mandated in Presidential Regulation Number 38 of 2015 concerning PPP in the provision of infrastructure,” said Nafhan.

“The scheme provides space for allocating proportional risk to the parties involved in order to produce optimal forms of service to the community,” he said.

His party disclosed based on estimated needsultimateKediri Airport requires 450 hectares of land.

The land is classified as large, so that Kediri Airport is expected to become an integrated airport service system in East Java, particularly as a complementary airport at Juanda Airport.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Kediri Haryanti Sutrisno, said that the public consultation held between the Ministry of Transportation, Kediri Regency Government and PT Gudang Garam, Tbk Kediri was an essential activity to fulfill the PPP implementation requirements.

The central government of course also wants to know firsthand the response of the people affected by the construction of this airport.

“We hope that the airport development initiated by PT Gudang Garam, Tbk. Can increase the economic status of the people of Kediri Regency, especially for the affected communities, surrounding districts / cities, East Java Province and the national in general,” said Haryanti.

Director of PT Gudang Garam, Tbk Susanto Widyatmoko, said that in order to develop the economy in Kediri, air transportation connectivity is needed.

This is to facilitate economic activity through connectivity and opening up markets to link with industrial supply chains at the global level.

“Air transportation helps increase productivity by encouraging innovation and investment as well as improving business operations and efficiency. The tourism sector will also grow,” said Susanto.

“With a convenient and fast transportation service, more tourists will be brought to Kediri and its surroundings. This is in line with the hopes of regional heads in Kediri and its surroundings to open air transportation mainly in South East Java,” added Susanto.

The new airport in Kediri Regency is planned to have an international class design. The airport construction is planned in three stages through a PPP scheme with a cooperation period of 50 years and can be extended.

Technically this airport can accommodate 1.5 million people per year at the beginning of operation and will grow to 10 million people per year at the stageultimate.

Kediri Airport is also planned to be equipped with a runway as far as 3,300 meters so that it can serve wide-bodied aircraft class 4E.

This is also supported by a terminal covering an area of ​​80 thousand square meters, a towerair traffic control, cargo terminal, VIP terminal and refueling storage. It is hoped that later Kediri Airport can be designated as an airport for Hajj embarkation.

The activity was held at the Kediri Regency Tennis Court by implementing strict health protocols with a limited number of participants. In fact, participants who enter must dorapid test.


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