WHEN SATURDAYS ARE FOR OWANBE! Beautiful Gele Styles You Can Rock For That Owambe Party This Weekend


One thing we Nigerians won’t ever give up for anything else or miss out on is Weekends Owanbe’s. we can’t miss it for anything else except it involves life or death. However, Owanbe’s are parties organized either to celebrate weddings, birthdays, burials, naming ceremony or anything else that has to do with celebrating and rocking native attires. Oh, I almost forgot and has party jollof rice involved.

I know all preparations are already on gear towards that Owambe party you would be attending this weekend; From your outfit, makeup, shoes, purse and even your accessories need to be on fleek. I have brought to you beautiful gele styles from the gram that can make you stand out from the crowd. Your gele style should be your selling point and centre of attraction at that Owambe party.

Check out the beautiful different styles below;

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Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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