“Whenever I Walk Together With My Mom Guys Toast Her Before Me, She’s So Hot”- Angel


One of the Big Brother ‘ shine your eye’ housemates, Angel has poured praises on her mom, who is known as Titi for being hotter than her daughter, herself.

The 21- year- old writer was in a conversation with her fellow housemates, who were, Cross, Whitemoney, Pere and Queen. She made it clear that her mother is more beautiful and attractive than she is.

According to Angel’ s mother who is currently in her mid- 30′ s gets more advances with men than her 21- year- old daughter, even when both of them are together.


She explained further saying that her mother is so young that most male housemates might consider shooting their shot at her if they ever get the chance to meet her outside the house.

During her statements, she said; ” you people will most probable toast my mother. Even when I and my mother go out together on a walk or to an event, anytime I travel over to go and see her men normally toast my mother before they toast me. Seriously she is hotter than me”


However, there has been a controversy that Angel’ s mother might be faking her age, people are saying how can a woman in her late 30s give birth to a child that is 21 years of age. Angel’ s mother then clarified to them that she gave birth to Angel at a very young age which most of the viewers believed and the other ones ignored.


Meanwhile, viewers have also reacted to what Angel said earlier about her mother, saying, her mother is more attractive than her because she always puts on her bra and dresses well, and had more coordination than you. We should also stop body- shaming her because of her body type, everyone will not be like we think.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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