WHERE UNA DEY SEE THIS LOVE! ! ! Meet Hot Nollywood Actors You Might Not Know Are Married With Kids


The Nigerian film industry is brimming with brilliant performers who also happen to be wonderful spouses and fathers. However, many of us are likely unaware that they are married or have children. This might be due to the fact that the majority of these stars continue to appear attractive and dashing. In this post, I’ ll show you photos of some of these Nollywood stars with their spouses and children.

Although many people believe that hot males or actresses do not marry young, this is not always the case. Getting married in your early twenties and thirties is an excellent choice that should be promoted since it allows you to have children and enjoy seeing them grow up while you are still in your prime.


One positive aspect of these marriages is that these actors have been married for years and their marriage is still going strong despite the fact that they are attractive, good- looking, and many other women’ s dream men. Let’ s have a look at these amazing actors and their adorable families below.

Eddie Watson: Eddie Watson, a Ghana- born Nollywood actor, is married to Naomi Woode, a Ghanaian lady, and the couple has a lovely kid.

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Nosa Rex: Another attractive Nollywood actor who you probably didn’ t know was married. Nosa Rex married his fiancée, Deborah, in 2015, and their marriage has been blessed with two beautiful children. Check out more of their lovely photos below.

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Daniel Etim Effiong: Another attractive actor who is already taken is Etim Effiong. He is married to a lovely lady named Toyosi, and they have one child. However, the couple is presently expecting their second child.

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Onny Micheal: Onny Michael married his lovely bride, Ifemaranma, in April 2014. This wonderful coupling has given birth to a gorgeous girl.

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The marriage of these attractive Nollywood actors, on the other hand, demonstrates that celebrity marriages may also succeed.

Which of these stars’ marital stories shocked you the most, my readers? Please do not hesitate to share your ideas with us.

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