Whitemoney Probably Does Not Deserve To Go Home With The 90 Million Grand Prize, Here Is Why


The Big Brother Naija show will probably come to an end on Sunday evening, and one of the six housemates will walk home with the 90 million grand prizes and exotic gifts from sponsors also. Among other housemates, Whitemoney is the only housemate tipped to be the winner of the show by viewers. However, Whitemoney has a huge fan base and that is the reason why most people considers him the winner at first.

Many viewers can’ t wait to see Whitemoney win, without any doubt, but there are some reasons why the organizers might consider choosing another person as the winner tomorrow, and here are the reasons;


The first reason which is also a real fact is that Whitemoney does not give content. This debate didn’ t start today, many have argued that Whitemoney is the best, but if you take a look closely, you will see that he is good at is only cooking and kitchen works. Apart from cooking for other housemates, he does not have anything to give the viewers.


Meanwhile, during the Friday jacuzzi party, you hardly see Whitemoney get involved in the party, you will only see him cooking in the kitchen, which most viewers see as a non- vibe attitude. Also during sponsored tasks, he hardly contributes good efforts to any team that he is tagged with, even if it’ s the best team. This is one of the reasons why he is not among the top 2 earners in the house now.

If the show is judged by content, Whitemoney would have been evicted, it’ s only his luck leading him all this while.


Secondly, Whitemoney has not shown the viewers his true self, it’ s a show however and everyone is expected to bring out their best from all angles, but Whitemoney is acting fake. Whitemoney has been acting too friendly to every housemate and proving to be Mr Perfect.

If I am to judge this reality show, the winner of the show is should be a housemate who has been his or her real self and has given enough content in the show. And Whitemoney has not done these.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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