WHITEMONEY THE MILLIONAIRE! See Lucrative Businesses He Can Successfully Invest In, With His 90m Naira


You’ ve most likely already heard the good news, but just in case you haven’ t, Whitemoney has been crowned the winner of BBNaija 2021, a reality television show in Nigeria. Yes, you are correct. Despite the fact that many people mocked him and labeled him a fake, it was he who was awarded the grand prize.

Now, Everyone is absolutely very curious as to what Whitemoney will do with the N90 million naira grand prize money now that he has won.

Do you think he’ ll put everything he has into his shoe- making enterprise? Will he be able to live a luxurious lifestyle?


I don’ t think Whitemoney would waste his money on things like cars, women, or nightclubs, to be honest. Despite his young age, Whitemoney is a wise young man, and I have every confidence in his ability to manage his finances. I’ d like to lend a hand in Whitemoney’ s business department for a short period of time. Continue reading to learn about five businesses in which he can invest and grow his wealth.

The Transportation Industry


Whitemoney will make lots and lots of millions of naira if he establishes a transportation service called ‘ Whitemoney Motors, ‘ which will be meant for transporting people across state lines. He already has a large number of admirers as well as a substantial amount of money. All he needs now is good management skills to propel him to the top of the Nigerian rankings. Should he take up this business idea, it will be easier for him to excel in the already competitive market.

Agriculture Sector


The agricultural industry otherwise called Farming will always be in vogue because everyone needs food to survive. It is fastly rising to become one of the most lucrative kind of business recently in Nigeria. If wealthy individuals such as Nollywood actor Osita Iheme put their money into agriculture and are really smiling at the outcome, then I’ m sure Whitemoney will also be able to make it in this field. Don’ t you think so?

Real Estate


Investment in real estate is a long- term strategy that will never go out of style. Land is always in high demand, and people are making money off of it, particularly in Lagos, where it is particularly profitable. As a result of the profitability of the business, Mercy Eke has already invested her money there. With the sum of money as huge as what WhiteMoney has bagged for himself, real estate will also be a nice choice for him to venture into.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production


Recall that one of Nigerian most talented and popular footballer whose name is Ahmed Musa owns and manages a petrol station and earns millions of dollars from it. Whitemoney can also establish a petrol station in his hometown and earn a substantial amount of money from it. However, despite the fact that it will require a significant investment, it will allow Whitemoney to remain in business and make money for the foreseeable future WhiteMoney is already an influential man and if he ventures into this kind of business, lots of his fans would definitely want to patronize his own filling stations.

Construction materials are also another good idea


There will always be a need for infrastructure such as homes, hospitals, and schools, implying that there will always be a demand for construction materials. Manufacturers such as Dangote Cement and other cement producers will have a tough time competing in the market with ” Whitemoney cement” especially for the fact that he is already very popular. Should WhiteMoney own a cement manufacturing industry, he will definitely make it very fast especially through distributing bags of cement to his celebrity colleagues who are constructing new houses.

Do you believe Whitemoney will blow his money on frivolous pursuits?

Which of the business ideas listed above would you like Whitemoney to consider investing in? Do you think you have a better option? Fill in the comment section with your thoughts in the comments section below.

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