“Whoever Drew This Will Not Make Heaven” – See What This Little Boy Did Which Got People Talking

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It’s of no doubts that these are so many art works and painting in the museum and art galleries globally, but only few stand out and are recognized as classic. When we look at the technicality, beauty and execution of some artworks, we would come to a conclusion that these artworks has indeed transcend time and artistic concepts to make its own history. However, these artworks are well known to people of all different generation and cultures as they are being dubbed as the greatest artworks ever created and it will continue to resonate in the minds of art lovers for many centuries to come.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed today, I came across a post which was shared by a user identified as Hilary Alphonsus Hypo in a group named “Igboist” which he captioned “check out this artwork by this little brother”; and it has got so many people reacting. The post was all about a little boy who was pictured painting a lady who is in a river, the beauty and techniques behind this painting would make you swear that it’s so real, the amazing thing about this painting is that it was done by a little boy. Such a level of expertise from a little boy is just so unbelievable.

See the post made below:

A Facebook user identified as Ikenna Ugwu reacting to this post said; ” Anybody that drew this will not make heaven, how can you recreate God’s creation like this kudos. You are superb. ”

Another user identified as Jennifer Dennis was full of praise for this young boy and this is what she said; “Nice one, give a deaf ear to those who felt nothing can be done because they can’t do it. Whether it’s fake or real or original, me no sabi. All I know is that you have tried.”

However, some people opined otherwise, saying that it’s not an artworks but a camera and a fake artwork.

See other famous artworks that looks so real below:

  1. The Sleeping Gypsy

  1. The Gleaners

3. Napoleon Crossing The Alps

4. Impression Sunrise

5. The Arnolfini Portrait

6. The Kiss

7. The Girl With A Pearl Earrings

8. The Night Watch

9. The Scream

I’m sure from the artwork above, you can now see where the scream emoji came from.

  1. The starry night

11. The Creation Of Adam

12. Mona Lisa

What is your opinion on this little boy’s artwork?

Which of these famous artworks are you conversant with?

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What do you think?

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