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“Whoever Shoots At Us Bleeds In His Head” – Israeli Prime Minister

The crisis in Israel and Palestine has been trending across various social media platforms as many fear of the development of a full-scale war. Several rockets have been fired by the Palestinian militants, fortunately for Israel, their Iron Dome technology was used and causalities were reduced.


As a result of the crisis, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been in power since 2009 sent warning to any conflicting side that tries to attack the country again.

Benjamin Netanyahu passed the warning across on Twitter were he said “whoever shoots at us bleeds in his head”

Then he also congratulated the IDF, Israel Defense Force who are known in Hebrew as Tzahal.


After the Israeli prime minister warning he attached a video that shows how a building was instantly taken out by Israel’s airstrike.

In Israel, the Prime Minister holds the executive order so he has the power to control the IDF to attack or seize fire.

Israel in retaliation to the earlier attacks received, sent airstrikes on Palestinian militants in Gaza which led to the loss of lives. At least 65 Palestinians have been confirmed dead and 16 Palestinian children were severely injured.

Reports have it that Israel has lost about 5 citizens or more.

Watch the video released by Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu as he sends a strong warning.

Drop your comments about the warning made by Israel’s Prime Minister.

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