Why I Decided To Marry My Secret Lover 14 Years After Dating – Nollywood Actress Opens Up


Popular actress & Gold Merchant, Hajia Liz Anjorin is married. And that is authoritative. She got married on Thursday 16th July, 2020.

When the news first broke last Thursday that this pretty Gold & Diamond Merchant, got married in Lagos, many didn’t believe it at first.

Even when some photos went viral Online, they still thought perhaps they were scenes from a forthcoming movie that Liz was probably shooting.

Don’t forget that she is also a Movie Producer who has produced so many movies. Many didn’t know the event was real. We can tell you so.

City People spoke to Liz Anjorin a few minutes later and she confirmed the story. That Thursday, Liz held a 3-in-1 marriage.

She had her Engagement, Introduction Nikhai and Registry. The wedding took place in Lekki.

The officiating people from Ikoyi Registry went to the venue to conduct the wedding for them. She had to pay excess charges.

Of course, the next question was how the guy she got married to swept her off her feet. Knowing how tough Liz is, many wondered what would have made her accept to marry him.


Why Did You Marry Alhaji After 14 Years

She told City People why she decided to marry Alhaji Abdul Lateef Lawal, a Lagos businessman.

“Many don’t know that I have been dating this guy for about 14 to 15 years. He has been part of my life” she explained. He loves me genuinely.

He has no wife now. We have been dating for over 14 years. He was ready to marry me as at 12 to 13 years ago, I was the one saying no, that I didn’t want to marry. We have been going off and on.

So, when he proposed this year, I didn’t see anything stopping us from getting married. His profile is flawless.

He has been with me all these years. He has done a lot for me.

He has been with me, at every point of my life. There was a time I wanted to commit suicide when I got frustrated, he said No. I should not. He bought me a N2.5 car and gave me N800,000 to get a place then, years ago in Ikorodu.


My late mum liked him. He has been so nice to me. She called him Alanuwa”. “When my mum had Stroke before she died, he was there for us. He had been asking to marry me, I am the one saying No.

Even my mum, wanted me to marry him. I said I can’t marry then, that I wanted to pursue my career and become a person in life which I have become now”.

“That is why I accepted to marry him when he proposed this year. That is why Liz, the Gold & Diamond Merchant said Yes, I Do to Her Benefactor of 14 to 15 years.”

Trust her haters, they went to town with negative stories of how the guy was supposed to have been married to many women before Liz.

When City People spoke to Liz last Saturday she said she wasn’t bothered with all the negative stories coming from her haters. “As far as I am concerned, as at the time I decided to marry him, I didn’t meet any woman in his house.”

He had asked me to marry him several times but I told him I wasn’t ready, I told him I wanted to get myself established first.

But when he asked again a few weeks back I decided to agree to marry him “Saying Yes is like paying back 1% of your 1001 good deed to me and my late mother. “She wrote on her IG wall, in a write up titled 14 years with No Flaws…


She described him as My Father, My Brother, My Comforter, My Gist Partner, My Paddy, My Alabaro, My Husband. None of the good deeds you gave me spread to 3rd party or internet till tomorrow.

But I thank myself for keeping the promise. Make I stop here, make I go drink small water.

You Write And Emotional Messages Why

In another post, titled A story of Loyalty & Love…A tribute to my lovely moment, she wrote: “Even if I become the richest lady in the world, I think I need to give glory back to a selfless man that stood with 100% loyalty without any element of betrayal.

The car you gave me money to buy was stolen by a man I chose over you, but you never bothered. You gave me your own personal car just to cover my shame in public, you were taking bike around Lagos, you had an accident on a bike you refused to tell me just for me to keep the car.

Just one day, you bought me a car and an apartment just for me to rise again when I thought it was over in Lagos.

Whats The Craziest Thing A fan Has Done Fo You

I was about carrying my shame back to Ijebu-Ode where I schooled, you said, Liz! Eko yi lo ti ma sorire. I am ready to sell my kidney to make you become somebody in life.

I wasn’t this brave then. You once told me that suicide was not an option. I should stand on my feet to make it in life, that is the only return you need from me.

May Allah give us long life and all the beautiful things of life so that, I can come out and tell the whole world our story.

@Seyekehinde of City People you can testify to this guy’s good deed 14 yrs ago.

@Olamohammed of Islander magazine, you are my witness

@temidayobadmus of @dbxclusiv media, you were my Manager and the closest person to me then. You know very well this is the only man I am emotional about.

If I am not being truthful here, you guys can tell the world.

Kudos to the most kind-hearted man on earth. Gbagbe story, am here to pay part of my debt with IBEJI MEJI LEME 50. OLOWOORIMI I will pay my balance in my next life. DADDY MI ADEGBOYEGA AKANBI OKO AKANKE EWOBI NA? AJOMA LO 200 YRS NI.”

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