Why I Left White Garment Church After 18 Years And Will Never Worship There Again


I was born to a cherubim and seraphim family. What do I mean by this? I mean, my parents attend cherubim and seraphim. Cherubim and seraphim church is a white garment church founded by Moses Orimolade in 1920s. The church is dominating in the western part of the country where a street might have three white garment churches. Funny right, this is only because there are lots of sub-denominations under them and anytime there is a crises within a church, some of the elders go automatically to open their own church or branch making it to be everywhere.

While growing up, I would watch and listen to my friends talk about Bible while I have nothing to say because I had nothing in my head about Bible. In most white garment churches, the greater percentage of the members are not educated and can’t even read. They don’t even know how to read Bible, they only know what they are told about Bible. What will they then teach us?

The other annoying thing about this denomination is that, they only listen to human who are assumed to be in spirit and making prophecies. Nothing is bad about prophecy, but the bad thing about this prophecy is this, the person in spirit only says most times one thing in an unknown language and another person (an interpreter) will be interpreting it to different things. My philosophy about this is, approximately everybody that goes in this spirit is a chronic sinner. Like they all used to say, God calls the people that are not able for the redemption of their lives.

Furthermore, they use all sort of things in Judaism which include, bathing with different kind of soap, lightening different kind of candels, bathing at T-junction, bathing in a river, bathing on waste spot and others. They don’t speak the truth about true Christian living, how you can make wealth and still make heaven, heavenly race and others. This is why they have a lot of poor people and they believe that they are being prejudiced by a spirit like that

All these I never had interest in. I was exposed to philosophy when I was 17yrs of age and I started criticizing them, my dad told me I have to attend cherubim and seraphim (C&S) if he still remains my father. My philosophy was do bad to the point that the elders of the church advised me not to come again after a lot of deliverance in my absence. I was only against them.

Although, there are so many of their branches that are doing so well, educated, exposed, not bad. I’m not tagging C&S church bad, only that they have too many bad eggs.

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