Why Is APC Calling For The Cancellation Of Anambra Election, And What Might Happen Next?


It is no longer news that Charles Soludo, the candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), is crushing the other candidates in the election, having won in no fewer than 17 out of the 19 local government areas in which he ran.

They have filed a complaint against INEC’ s election results even before the winner of the election is officially declared, claiming that the PDP and YBP candidates won in the remaining local governments while the APC candidate did not win in any of the local governments.

What was the APC’ s motivation for wanting the election canceled?


Because the people of Anambra believe and want their candidate more than anybody else, the APC group says that if the election is true and not rigged, there is no way the outcome will be anything but favorable to their candidate.

They claim that over 40, 000 people in Anambra were denied the opportunity to vote, and that ballot snatching and other heinous activities took place in various local governments that are considered to be their strongholds.


But the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress in the state, Chief Basil Ejidike, has stated that they will never accept the results of the election since it was all rigged and fraudulently conducted.

He stated that no one could reject the right of the people of Anambra to elect the candidate of the APC that they favored, and he expressed his confidence that the APC will win in local government elections in Anambra if the poll is not manipulated in his state.


Furthermore, they claim that the election should be nullified and that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should schedule a fresh election that will be free, fair, and transparent so that the people of Anambra have the opportunity to exercise their constitutional rights.

What might possibly happen next?

However, I do not believe that INEC will reverse the results, as the APC has requested. Instead, I believe the APC will take its case to the Supreme Court, as Hope Uzodinma did in Imo state, where a final decision will be reached, as it did in that state.


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