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Why It Will Be A Great Mistake For PDP To Zone It’s Presidential Ticket To South For 2023 Election


As the presidential election of 2023 approaches, observers are keeping a close eye on the actions of the largest opposition group, the Peoples Democratic Party.

There have been proposals for the party’ s presidential ticket to be zoned to the South, particularly the South East, which hasn’ t produced a Nigerian president since 1960.

Some have argued that the year 2023 is the right moment for the PDP to thank the South East for its unwavering support for the party since 1999. Others have argued that it is only fair that a southern candidate replace President Buhari, who is a Northerner, in 2023, in the spirit of power rotation.


Regardless of the logic of the argument, if the PDP zones its presidential ticket to the South, it will be a huge error. I’ ll explain why the PDP can’ t afford to zone its presidential ticket to the South in this post.

A large voting population in the north may not want to vote for a southern candidate in 2023.

PDP should generally zone its presidential ticket to the south, based on feeling and morality. President Buhari will have served eight years in office by 2023, therefore power would inevitably shift to the south in that year.

However, if the PDP sticks to its guns and nominates a southern candidate, the party will almost certainly lose the election to the All Progressives Congress.


The reason behind this is that a Southern candidate is unlikely to garner northern voters’ compassion and support. And, because the North has the upper hand in Nigeria’ s federal elections, this would cost the PDP millions of votes.

And it could be the reason why PDP fails to dethrone APC in 2023. Because the PDP is determined to win the presidential election, logic must take precedence over emotion.


As a result, the wisest thing for PDP to do in 2023 is to ignore the sentiment of the Southern or Igbo Presidency. A Vice Presidential ticket could be used to compensate the region.

If the party wishes to get widespread support in the north, it must have a strong candidate who can excite and convert northern supporters to the PDP.


The All Progressives Congress used this technique to win the last two presidential elections, with over 12 million voters supporting President Buhari. As a result, if the PDP decides to hold its presidential election in the South, it will be a huge error.

However, the PDP must be careful not to offend the South in the process. The party must engage the region constructively and convince it that 2031 will be the year of the northern pivot without fail.

Do you believe the South will agree for the PDP’ s presidential ticket to be zoned to the North?

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