Why Some Men Will Turn To Their Househelps!

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Househelps have been accused by many partners to be siurce of break ups and divorces in asting or promising marriages.One will need a househelp if they are classy or busy during the day and lack time to clean utensils, cook or stay with their children.

Today is different from the olden days whenthe arcahic traditions required a man to marry more than one wife. The purpose was simply to help cope with house chores among many other.With christianity, the emphasy on monogamy has led to increased cases of infidelity.

These are some of the reasons why some men fail to conteol themselves and turn for the househelps.

Brief clothes

The dot com generation. My dress my choice. If your househelp is a youyh, you will expect her to wear some tight because it is what the generation has. Clothes that are just above the knee might be too tempting gor men. No matter how strong they coukd be, they can gail to control their desires especially if the lady curvy.

Laziness of the wife

Some women will think that when a househelp is around, then they have no role except being close to the husbands.Sometimes when you are off a man expects you to prepare even the meal. This also includes other activities like washing his favorite clothes.Being just there is not enough to be called a wife and the man can send you away.

Socks and his shoes, should be prepared by you as a sign of true love.

Absenture of the wife

Maybe the two partners do not stay together because of work. It might be involving and important that the wife has to be away for some few days.Men who cannot be able to control their feelings will make a mistake. In the case that they have been secretly admiring their househelp, then they grab opportunities.

Peer pressure

Probably there are boys club. These is where men will be together sharinv their experiences. It includes marriages. With these mchongoano can’t lack. And in the process one might accuse the others wife and praise the maid. This can be deep and influence one to chase the wife and promote the househelp into wife material.

If one also feels bored with the wife and witnesses same cases as his, bad adbice might spoil the initial marriage.

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