Why Tega Warned The Fan That Claimed He Wanted To Marry Liquorose To Back Off


Big Brother Naija queen Tega Dominic started a question and answer session on her Instagram story and when one of her fans pleaded for her help in order to get married to Liquorose, she warned him to back off with reason that Liquorose isn’t ready.


Regardless of the fact that she’s 26 years old, she could truly not be ready, as Tega noted, but here’s why she warned the fan to back off.

She needed to protect her colleague from hawks:


Her status as a former housemate means that whatever she says to the public about her colleague, Liquorose, will definitely put her in an uncomfortable position. Liquorose is still busy meeting with her fans and also building up her own career, and should Tega promise an unknown person who could be sent to hunt Liquorose to help him get her, it will definitely be misjudged by the public, and Liquorose won’t be happy about it.

Liquorose’s relationship with Emmanuel isn’t fully defined:


Inasmuch as Emmanuel and Liquorose haven’t really defined to the public if they are dating or not, their relationship has spiked up different opinions from the public and it’s understood that they may want to keep it on the low for now. Tega too understood that and wouldn’t want to give the clue that other men should start going after Liquorose while Emmanuel is still there with her.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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