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Why we stopped Ibadan circular road project – Gov. Seyi Makinde

Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde on Friday gave further information as to why he issued a stop-work order on the ongoing 32km East Wing of the Ibadan Circular Road project along Lagos-Ibadan bye-pass, Ibadan.

This is as he also assured the people of the state that the new security architecture including 100 newly purchased security patrol vehicles will hit the roads in the next two weeks.

Makinde made the disclosures while speaking at the official commissioning of the Satellite Audio Network of the State-Owned radio station, Oluyole FM at the premises of the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS), Bashorun Way, Ibadan.

Speaking on the importance of the facility, Makinde who described his administration as a listening one said he had promised the people that he would take the state-owned broadcasting outfit would be taken to a height that that the people would all be proud of.

He accused the immediate past administration of neglecting the outfit in the last 12 years, saying there was nothing meaningful done to uplift its efficiency and that what the past administration failed to do in eight years, his PDP led government has done within six months.

Makinde said “As I drove down for this commissioning, I could not help but think about the importance of communication to the development of any community. If we cannot hear ourselves well, people will attach different meanings to what was said and meant and happenings. Of course, communication guarantees feedback. The more feedbacks the leadership gets, the better the quality of decisions that they make.

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“I have often taken every opportunity to remind the people of Oyo state that we are an administration that listens, we are not in the business of curbing free speech or when you complain to us about something, we look at it then we act. We are tapping your brains to guide us.

“I am sure that you have heard that on Thursday we went to the site of the Ibadan Circular Road, and we issued a stop-work-order, this is because we do not want the people of Oyo state to be shortchanged in any way. You spoke and we listened.

“So, this commissioning of the Satellite Audio Network of the Oluyole Network Station is because you spoke and we listened, even while during the campaign trail.

“I promised the people of Oyo state that our administration will take the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State to a height we will all be proud. We have started delivering on that promise with the installation of the Sattelite Audio Network. No more analogue. We have gone digital. We can now get clean and clear audio signal to the nooks and crannies of Oyo state and get government closer to the people.

“With this commissioning, you can air your feedbacks even clearer when you contribute to programes on air. You can speak more and we will listen more. That we listen to everyone but we will respond to action. We will respond by getting better.

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“We have heard them say we are not working: where are the security vehicles that we promised, they asked. Well, we answer, they will be on the road within the next two weeks. The vehicles had to be insured, branded with a new emergency contact number 615 and communication gadgets also have to be installed in the vehicles.

“Our administration is determined to do things properly and when you want to do things properly, it may take slightly longer. What are you still doing, they still asked us, we have another answer. What they were not able to do in eight years we have done within six months, even following due process.

“It is on record that BCOS radio and TV did not enjoy any capital intervention in nearly a decade. Yet, in August, we released a little over N180million for this project. Today, we are commissioning it, three months.

“Also, for the first time in about 12years, BCOS will not have to use mobile phones to monitor and transmit from its out-stations in Ajilete and Alaga. It can now send signals directly from the headquarters here in Ibadan.

“I have also heard that you want our TV station upgraded. Let me assure you that despite the various commitments of government, we shall find the most effective ways to ensure that BCOS TV channel gets due attention. We will get those signals to go beyond Ibadan.

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“It is the desire of this administration that everyone in Oyo state feels the impact of government. With BCOS radio, we can listen as you communicate with us. I urge the management of BCOS to continue with the good work of informing and entertaining the people of Oyo state. We will keep listening.”

Earlier in his remarks, the Executive Chairman, BCOS, Prince Dotun Oyelade said since his appointment, “we have to operate within the spirit of the current Administration, knowing fully well that probity, accountability and creative husbanding of the little resources available to us is the cornerstone of this government.

“Today’s Milestone event which is replicated in Alaga and Ajilete F.M Stations should have been commissioned long ago, but for the stringent Due Process procedures for which this government is known and which we gladly followed through.

“We have tinkered a great deal with the way we do things here. Our Programmes content on Radio and TV are currently having a facelift which the public and our business partners are taken judicious notice of. So are our strategic timing for selective programmes to make us more competitive among a deluge of broadcast stations.”

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