Why Whitemoney Probably Does Not Deserve To Go Home With The Grand Prize Of 90 Million

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Tomorrow evening, the Big Brother Naija Reality Show, Shine Ya Eye Episode, will come to an end. And one of the 6 finalists will be smiling home with the grand prize of 90 million Naira.

Among the 6 housemates, Whitemoney is one the favourite person that has been tipped to win the show, and because of his large fan base, many people are already considering him as the winner.

Many people will see nothing wrong if Whitemoney wins the show, but I feel that there are some reasons why Whitemoney doesn’ t deserve to be the winner of this Year’ s show, and here are the reason below.


Firstly, Whitemoney doesn’ t give content. A lot of people may argue that Whitemoney gives one of the best content in the house,

But when you watch him closely, you will discover that the only thing he is known for is cooking. Apart from Cooking he hardly does anything to keep the show lively.

During Friday Parties, Whitemoney hardly gets involved, most times you see him in the kitchen. Even during tasks, he hardly contributes good effort to any team that he finds himself in, and that’ s one of the reasons he’ s not among the top 2 earners in the House.


And also If it is by content, Whitemoney had not given much content to keep him in the house till the final, luck has brought him to this far.

The person that deserves to win the show is someone that has given enough content and has struggled real hard to be in the final.

Secondly, Whitemoney has not shown the viewers his true Self. It’ s a reality show, and one is expected to be genuine instead, Whitemoney is acting fake.


Whitemoney has been acting too friendly with every housemate and has been behaving like Mr Perfect.

You may want to disagree with me that he is genuine, but if you take a close look at the way he has behaved, you will see that all that he has been doing in the house is just to please the viewers.

For me, the winner of the show is should be someone who has been his or her real self and has given enough content in the show. And Whitemoney has not done these two.


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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