Why Whitemoney Should Not Be Criticized For Choosing Niyi Instead Of Queen


The 6th season of the yearly big brother Naija show has been effectively finished up with the winner of this season being Whitemoney. As the culture is each year, the prize presentation happens the following day with other reality stars in participation.

The winner would likewise settle on a decision of which of the ex- housemates the person couldn’ t want anything more than to go on a vacation with. Whitemoney was approached to pick and he picked Niyi.


His choice didn’ t settle well with fans who are right now shipping Whitemoney and Queen. This is presumably for reasons most known to them. I figure these shippers ought to comprehend a couple of things and stop the reactions and disdain on Whitemoney as of now.


Above all else, Whitemoney has the option to pick whosoever ever he needs to go with. There are various choices for him of which he picked Niyi. Niyi is additionally a human and Queen isn’ t any better than him. They are the two people and have an equivalent potential for success to be picked.


Besides, Queen and Whitemoney might have had that conversation and she presumably declined the solicitation dependent on one explanation or the other. Every one of these might have occurred behind the camera and we don’ t think about it. It is ideal to quit expecting that Whitemoney decided to hurt Queen by picking Niyi.

Thirdly, Whitemoney may have picked Niyi in view of the help he displayed towards Whitemoney outside of the house. At the point when Niyi was asked who he was rooting for, he said Whitemoney. Queen additionally upheld Whitemoney however the decision is Whitemoney’ s to make.


Something else shippers ought to have as a top priority is the way that Niyi was evicted right on time from the show and didn’ t profit from the show as the rest did. He may have picked Niyi to remunerate him for being evicted too soon.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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