Why You Should Not Marry Women With Big Assets

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Most men are carried away by women with big behinds.We talked about some revelation that curvy women make good wives. However, most men have admitted that being in marriage with a woman with big behinds is not that comfortable as you might think.So those who are going for surgery to have big behind, think twice because of the following reasons.

To some it might be comfortable.

Calls for unnecessary attention

Mwenye macho haambiwi tazama.The eyes cannot be prevented from seeing what it wants to see.Team mafisi are always hanging out on the streets preying on their predators.Big behinds will attract whoever is walking behind you or next to you. Even if they were not concerned about your asset they will be forced to look at you.

When a man is walking with his wife, they will feel insecure and seem like their marriage is threatened. It attracts concentration to the wife and that is when mafisi will come to your home to ask for work.If it can be hidden, then no one will notice that the two of you are passing.

To be secure, find what you are comfortable.

Can attract abuse

Pride is what is associated with people especially women with big behinds. They are thought to be proud of what they possess and cannot just hang out with anyone.Watu was mjengo especially when exhausted will just abuse you when they feel you are boring. They are good at inciting and when tempted to quarrel with them then you will really find it rough.

Thought to be unhealthy

You have heard when some people refer negatively to those with huge bodies.There are perceptions that it is abnormal for one to have big behinds.Most people have the thought that it is surgery and therefore associate you with unhealthiness.

Every body with his taste.

What do you think?

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