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My Wicked Aunty Used Charms To Chase By German Father Away From Nigeria – Lady Laments On Facebook

This young lady’s story is such that will make you shed tears.

The trauma of growing up not to see your father and the worst part is that you are not even allowed to get close to the family where he came from, this experience is painful.

A lady took to a Facebook group to tell her sad story. Her name is Fatima. See her profile below

According to her, the father was a German who was an ex-soldier in the Nazi, she said her dad was in charge of all Germans coming in to work with the construction firm known then as the D.S.D. Additionally, her dad was an estate manager working with the construction company in Old Bendel State, Nigeria.

In one of the days he was going to Obiaroku, he met her mother and one thing led to another she was conceived.

After she was born, her mother took her and her father to their village, according to her this was the greatest mistake her mother made.

The mother’s elder sister got jealous and misled the mother to go diabolical just to keep her man but it turned the opposite.

The story is pathetic, let me not bore you with many explanations. Just read her story below

So sad she heard the father died in 2018 and the wife has blocked her from ever getting close to the family.

This is so sad.

See her pictures below

Has this sad story touched you? What word of consolation will you tell her?


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